Sunday, November 9, 2014

Owning Violet

Owning Violet (The Fowler Sisters, #1)Owning Violet by Monica Murphy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this books from the author and publisher for a honest review.

Monica blew my mind with Owning Violet. She introduces us to characters that are so complex and intricate.

I have to admit the beginning was slow for me, a act of futility allowed me to continue to read this GREAT story. Once I got through the background, you know the the beginning "important" information. I was able to absorb the story that Monica wanted her reads to have. And when I got in the story, I was in it. I felt like a I was within the story and I kind of loved it.

The book introduces the Fowler sisters. It illustrates their delicate nature, their strengths, weakness, and the beautiful. But if you had to know out of all who is "in my opinion and Ryder's" the fairest of them all, well that would be Violet. Monica writes Violet as temperamental and divergent. She can often found interacting with small groups, she is loving and tries to be unnoticeable. These are all characteristics of the character Violet and the plant names Violet.

Ryder is hard, devilish, define, and talented. He is a sexual beast and due to his past he is cold and calculated.
He wants to have it all. I have a place in the organization where he feels as though he belongs. When he wants something or someone he seeks it out. He wants Violet and will do anything to have her.
If this means destroying her or owning her, then so be it.

The passion between these two characters is fantastic. When I got deeper into the book, I saw a powerful connection between the characters. Redefining. Similar to a butterfly, Monica shows us how these characters grow. They were beautiful together. So passionate. And their sexual interludes. Fan yourself.

The sex in this book was so good. I was wet in seconds. Ryder has some fantastic dirty talk and he knows how to be bring the dirty girl out of Violet.

Monica was able to wrap the story up and leave me wanting more. More violet and her neurosis and Ryder his self-hatred. I just needed their destructive nature on my Kindle app on iPad. This family is set to be a series but I want more of the my destructive duo.

Until I get more, I will read about them in the books to come within this series. I hope they make some lengthy guest appearances.

Happy Reading.

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