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Pandora by Storm Chase Blog Tour


Author: Storm Chase
“I want to talk to you,” Pandora said. 

“Wait a minute.” Xavier went off and came back with two glasses of wine and half a Mars bar. “Here,” he said, “caramel goes great with wine.” 

Mindlessly Pandora ate it. She ignored the Chardonnay. She’d had enough for Dutch courage but she didn’t want to get drunk. 

“Can’t you see that this isn’t right?” she said carefully. “You can’t just go about kidnapping people.” 

“You’ve said this already.” 

“And I’m saying it again,” Pandora said fiercely. “I made a mistake but I have a life, you know.” 

He sat down and watched her. “Don’t you like the wine?” he asked. 

“Did you hear what I said?” 

“Yes. I heard you the other time too.” 

Pandora thought she could have handled rage or threats better than this calm response. He was exasperating, she thought furiously. How could she get through to him? 

“You’re even more beautiful than I thought,” Xavier said softly. “You have the most wonderful skin. And I love the way your hair curls around your face.” 

“Xavier, listen to me: I want to go home,” Pandora said tartly. 

He shrugged. “That’s impossible, Panda.” 

She could have screamed. “I don’t want to be here,” she enunciated. 

His eyes flickered. “You’ll change your mind.” 

“I won’t! I want to go home!” Pandora heard in surprise that her words sounded like echoes. “Something’s weird,” she whispered. “My voice is all strange in my head.” 

“I spiked your Mars bar,” Xavier said calmly. “Come on.” He picked her up effortlessly and toted her to the bedroom. “I’ve been looking forward to this.” 

Pandora Fitchett’s life has taken a bad turn. Very bad. 

Treachery lies behind the closed doors of British government’s most secret services, and when Pandora finds herself an innocent victim of a treason plot, she has nowhere left to turn. 

At least that’s what she assumes. 

Stalked by a ruthlessly logical cyber terrorist who follows her every intimate move, and who then has her kidnapped, she is thrown into a tornado of action-packed and violent world events. 

Pandora’s only chance of safety will depend on a man who has no empathy, no sense of justice or obligation. A man who can destroy lives from his laptop. 

Who is “Dragon” and why is he feared by so many? 

Captor, or saviour? In a passionate story of intrigue and espionage, Pandora is about to discover nothing can be assumed about anyone. Even herself.


Xavier touched her hair with a gentle hand. “I like your short hair. You look like an elf. I saw the pictures of when you had it long. That was nice too. Why did you cut it, Panda?”
She was bewildered by the change of subject but answered automatically. “I just wanted a change.”
“I told you that I was a bit worried, right? Because I can’t read emotion very well? Well, I had some questions about your situation so my people sent me an expert. He said girls always change the way they look when they’re very upset.”
“Did he?” Pandora got that stuck-in-a-horror-film feeling again. “Well, I guess that’s one thing he was right about. I cut it when I broke off the engagement.” She took another belt of wine. She was in the middle of Africa and there was nowhere to go. Xavier seemed to have given up on having sex so she was safe on that score. She may as well get smashed.
“I was wondering what you’d do with your hair now,” Xavier said meditatively. “You’ve had a bit of shock these last few days.”
“You think?” Pandora finished her wine and poured herself another glass.
“Are you angry?” Xavier looked slightly worried. “Your voice is a bit flat. Did I say something wrong?”
She looked at him helplessly. “Xavier, I’ve seen one man knifed and another shot. I’ve discovered that my boss is a traitor and that I was duped into being a traitor too. On top of that I’ve been drugged and carted half way around the world. What on earth can I do to my hair to express what I feel?”
Xavier laughed. “You’re very funny, Panda. You’ve no idea how glad I am that you’re here!”


Storm Chase

Storm Chase writes delicious novels with fully depicted love scenes that straddle the categories of Romance and Erotica with the occasional Crime committed on the side.

Storm Chase was born September 2012. Her alter ego is Ellen Whyte, a syndicated author who has published roughly 3000 articles and 10 print books in mainstream media newspapers and magazines. The alter ego is the steady type; Storm is the tearaway who's dedicated to making it work with e-publishing. In November 2013 Storm also acquired alter ego, AJ Adams, who writes violent, dark cartel and mob stories.

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