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Licking Lollipop

Licking LollipopsLicking Lollipops by Marami Hung
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Updated on 10/20/14:


Lollipops. Toys. Cash. Sex.

Leilani's job is more addicting than sugar. It's her drug. She might look meek and too young to be a college student, but she’s a naughty girl with a dirty secret.

Leilani grants fantasies. When a request comes in, Leilani dons her pseudonym "Lollipop" and transforms into a high school cheerleader, a dominating cat girl, or even a sweet little Victorian girl who loves candy and ice cream.

Her business satisfies her lust, pays just enough for college tuition, and always draws her back, despite the abuse that torments her afterward.

But when a gorgeous classmate finds out and urges her to stop, Leilani's first fear isn't getting kicked out of college. She's terrified that she might give up her primal lust for genuine intimacy.

Warning: Contains strong language, graphic violence, implied pedophilia, dubious consent, and disturbing situations.

All characters are over the legal age of consent.


I loved the opening scene. It was so hot and very detailed. She may be described young but she is most definitely an adult.

Leilani reminds me of the coordinator/owner of the Make a Wish foundation. She grants fantasies. My. Oh. My. Those fantasies are good and wanted all the time. There is after all a list to obtain her services. Lollipop is very popular and has a great client base.

As she initiates further advancement with her career as Lollipop, a classmate discovers what she does and is determine to have her leave this job. Now, is this a job I could do? Maybe. But I do not know if I would be as business savvy, organized, or as creative as Lollipop.

This is the first book were I read about cosplay which I learned was short for costume play. Lollipop is the master of this play.

Though her peer wants her to end the job the Lollipopin’ job, she has known for years, she is unsure of this decision. This job pays for her education and makes her feel alive. Education and an orgasm, I mean who doesn’t want that revenue Cumming in? LOL.

Overall, I enjoyed the idea of the book; well, it was a different kind of storyline for me. The characters were well rounded and well developed. I was very content with it being a short read. I learned that people have all finds of fetishes and the idea of costume play was new to me by how they presented it in the story.

Seriously, we have all dressed up, role played, and ran it scripted. I just thought that was called foreplay. LOL.

Happy reading.

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