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Desired (Vice, Virtue, & Video #3)Desired by Bianca Giovanni
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Book given by as an ARC for an honest review.

Bianca has done it again. I have to admit I absolutely love James and Lola. Two friends that find love after years of having sexual tension. Swoon.

Book three (3) of this wonderful series had me captivated. Bianca has allowed us, the reader, to be spectators in the love storm of passion and the insecurities of Lola and James relationship. This book provided me with knowledge of the Las Vegas Porn Convention. And yes folks, I looked it up and it is very much really. And the ticket prices are reasonable. I digress...

The book shows how young James and Lola are in adulthood, at heart, and with relationship. They have known each other for years but they are still learning about one another as a relationship. They are also learning about themselves and what they want out of life.

Two gorgeous people who are sexually compatible and viral. The sex in the book is off the charts! Well, he is a porn star. No statement of disappointment was verbalized here. LOL.

I must give a honorary mention to the supporting cast of characters. They were a great bunch that give these young love birds insight and reality checks in their relationships. The words they provide to James and Lola are so profound and I believe redefine their thought process, which ultimately has them making some important decisions.

I am so needy regarding this series. Bianca has developed my palette to a new kind of book. A new style and storyline that has me squirming. I have not found another series like this. Sweet and smut (trademark that, lol). The story is fresh and exciting. With the other characters and how well they are written, I could so see a branch of their stories; possibly having their own stories. Just a thought, just a thought.

I am happy to have recently heard that this series is going to be going forward.

When I think of James and Lola, I only believe that Grey and Ana have some serious competition.

I must admit. I have fallen in love with James and Lola.

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