Friday, July 18, 2014

Lola POV for Desired!

Bianca Giovanni
“heart-meltingly sweet. panty-meltingly hot!”
Book Three in the Vice, Virtue, & Video Series:


Porn superstar James Laird has devoted himself to a new
romance with his lifelong best friend, Lola Caraway. James’s
retirement has prompted the industry to honor him at the
annual Adult Film Awards in Las Vegas. He’s up for the
biggest prize of the night: Man of the Year. With the love of
his life by his side and the recognition of his peers, it seems
James has it all.

Lola is head-over-heels in love with James, but has no idea
what to expect when she accompanies him to the biggest porn
industry event of the year. She finds herself torn between
being proud of James’s success and shaken by flaring
insecurity as a result of her immersion in the world of porn.
She knew James's former career would be a challenge, but
nothing could prepare her for the epicenter of all things porn.

Debauchery wars with devotion as they struggle to save their
relationship, their love, their hearts’ desire.

“Bianca has once again skillfully combined nail-biting angst with humor and
enough sexual tension to fuel a small country to come up with one great series!”
-Autumn, Agents of Romance

Author Bio:
Bianca Giovanni was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. She grew up with a single
mother and Italian grandmother, who was an avid reader. She has had a love of writing
since childhood, but self-published her first short stories in 2012. Bianca’s strong female
characters and witty dialogue have struck a chord with readers and lead to her popularity
on self-publishing platforms.
In 2013, Bianca signed with Omnific Publishing to bring the ‘Vice, Virtue & Video’ series
to readers. The series contains First Dance (free introductory short story), Revealed (book
#1), Letting Go (book #1.5), and four more novels to be released in 2014.
She currently resides in Denver, Colorado, where she can often be found jotting down
story ideas in a notebook.

Twitter: @biancagiovanni;

Release: July 29, 2014
Paperback and eBook
ISBN-13: 978-1623421250

Release: April 1, 2014
Paperback: 153 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1623421113
Barnes and Noble:

Release: January 2014
Paperback: 244 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1623420802
Amazon eBook:

Barnes and Noble:


"“You better have those pants off already!” I yell, tossing my purse on the couch.

“Way ahead of you, cupcake!” he calls back.

I make my way into our bedroom to find him leaning on the wall looking behind the TV. He’s totally naked except for a belt, from which he’s hung a hammer and surge protector in lieu of actual tools.
“What in the hell is this?” I say, already laughing.

“Miss, I understand there’s been a problem with your cable,” he begins in the most exaggerated sexy whisper I’ve ever heard. “I’m here to see if we can’t get some juice to your box.”

I’m cracking up so hard my stomach hurts. I can’t even breathe. I hear him laugh too, but he gets right back into character.

“Good thing for you, I have the right equipment. I just need to plug you in. Maybe you’d be interested in a little HD,” he says, grabbing his dick.

“And in this case that stands for…?”

“Huge Dick, of course.”

I’m going to burst. Tears are spilling down my cheeks as I cackle, and he looks quite proud of himself.

When I can finally regain a little composure, I step closer and run my hands up his chest. 

“But, Mr. Sexy Cable Guy, I don’t think my little cable box can handle your HD. Whatever shall I do?” I say, licking my lips at him.

“I’m sure I can make it work, miss. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to get HD with that box if you know how to work the connections.” He leans down and kisses my neck.

“Is this all you’ve done all day?” I ask, giggling. “You’ve sat around the house planning a live-action cable guy porn scene for me?”

“It was between this or playing Xbox in my underwear,” he says, grinning at me. “I wanted to do a doctor thing, but I didn’t have a stethoscope.”

I lean my forehead into his chest and laugh loudly. “Just get down here and kiss me,” I say when I look back up at him.

He's totally beaming as he cups the back of my head and kisses me passionately.
The fact that he even thinks of goofy ideas like this only solidifies my belief that he’s perfect for me. He’s the ideal balance of sexiness and humor, and it’s no wonder I’m madly in love with him.

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