Sunday, June 8, 2014

Until November

★★★★/5 stars rating
I obtained this book from the anthology “ Alpha’s”. This season the anthologies are the new black. And they are so awesome, so Thank you authors! I digress.

The story is about a young women who travels from New York to Tennessee to work for her father after a horrible incident in New York. When she gets there, she learns of her fathers business (shock alert) and she meets a guy (hottie). So now that you know the bases, though it is not much let me begin my review.

November is a very cool girl. I think if she were living in Gainesville she and I would be friends. I say this because she is described by the characters and her actions as being selfless, kind, a dog lover, respectful, etc. In a sense she is just like the princesses on my Publix shopping bag, that my daughter had to have. I really like that she sticks up for herself and doesn’t take much shit. Now this could be because of her evil mother, not evil stepmother, but a real bitch like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty not the new movie with Angelina Jolie. I think she doesn’t take shit from anyone because she is sassy. Which made me like her even more. Her whole life she was treated like crap until her Dad and Asher.

Asher is described as a stud that all the women want. He is known for his bedroom activity and has never truly settled down. He doesn’t always trust and is very “whatever” about the women he sleeps with because; well…he shares them with his brothers. Now before you go looking for ménages and trios this is not case in this book. This book is a smut free zone book. I really was thinking that this story, since it was in the Alpha book anthology, would be about bumpin’ lovelies, I mean he is described as a stud of sorts and I assumed that Alpha meant descriptive sex. Silly me.

I really was looking for some descriptive sex in this book. Don’t get me wrong the book is good. I liked that he is all controlling and that he cares about her from the jump. For most people I took it that the instant relationship and the “curse” (eerie music playing) was a little much but I thought it was fab.

I loved the end and the author answered all of my questions and gave me more, ohh goodie! Overall, I think it was a good read and recommend it to others who like a romance that is almost fairy tell like, sweet, with a hint of drama, and soft on the smut.

I don’t know if I will read the other books in the series. I am a smutty, sweet filthy girl (play off of Christina Lauren’s new book (love them)) that likes the dirty talk and description of bumpin’ lovelies because if you call it bumpin’ uglies, you not in good company and not ready for the books I like.

Happy reading.

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