Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Better Deeds than Words Book Tour


"Thank you, Daniel."
"For what?"
"For bringing me here. It means a lot that you would share this with me. This place is obviously close to your heart."
He pushed my hood back gently.
"You know you're making quite a home for yourself in my heart too, right?"
I swallowed thickly. Speechless again. I lowered my eyes, but he tilted my face up, kissing me tenderly, his tongue slipping warmly between my lips.
"Your nose is cold," I said as he pulled away.
"Your tongue is hot," he whispered.
I leaned into him, eager for more. He pressed his lips against mine, his hands caressing my face.
"I meant what I said a minute ago," he said. "You're all I think about. Sometimes I feel like I've known you forever, and other times you do or say something that reminds me how much I still have to learn. I wish we had more time together."
"I know what you mean." I snuggled into his neck as he held me close.
“‘I have no precious time at all to spend, nor services to do, till you require,’” he whispered. “‘Nor dare I chide the world-without-end hour whilst I, my sovereign, watch the clock for you.'"
"You wrote that sonnet out for me a few days before Mary’s memorial service,” I reminded him.
"It’s a favorite.”
"The sonnets aren’t my specialty, unfortunately."
"You'd better brush up, Miss Price. I happen to know of an assignment that’ll require some attention to Master Shakespeare's sonnets."
"Jeez, here we go. On with the TA hat." I sighed.
He laughed. "Oh, come on, I've avoided shop-talk all evening. I've been good, haven't I?"
"I'd say you've been very good." I raised an eyebrow.
"And you, my lovely, are incorrigible," he said, kissing me with an intensity that made my heart

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