Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rebel Book#2 of Renegade series

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Book given by NetGalley for an honest review.

If you do not know, I am a huge Skye/Renegade fan. Her stories are so gripping. They talk about life, love, and challenges. The assumption is that if you are beautiful you are put together and your are not approachable. But when you meet the women in this series (two books are out currently, one on the way (YES!)), you will see that they have their flaws, love hard, are fragile, but are the some of the fiercest heroines at the end of the story.

You want all the HEA’s and gooey stuff with love.

But you will not get it.

Instead you get to see them living life and loving.

And it is awesome.

You met Rubi, Lexi’s best friend, in Reckless.

Rubi, as listed best in the synopsis, is a true spit-fire. She knows what she wants from men (a one night stand) and her freedom. She likes having control, being able to come and go and as she wants. No one gets to hurt, especially her. Rubi is all about protection of self.

Wes is Jax/Bentley Chamberlin’s closest friend and lover of all things Rubi. This stuntman, this daredevil, wants to take a chance with Rubi; be in a relationship with her, even though she is not his “type”.

Rubi wants Wes but she seems to be at odds with herself. She is determined that their life could not work due her past, which haunts her.

All through out the novel Rubi has conversations with herself, talking her lusty self out of wanting to be with Wes.

“You’re not falling for him, dumb shit. He is way out of your league. He doesn’t do temporary, and you don’t do permanent. Don’t fuck up a good thing.”

Rubi has very few people that she trusts and she has even fewer friends. To fall in love with a man that is not only someone you trust but also a friend, is terrifying. For Rubi, she could lose it all, and in her mind she already has nothing.

The book was so sad and sweet. It was some major steam in this book. If you enjoyed Reckless then you will love Rebel.

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